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25 March 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Donna's fic: "My Life with My Father"  
Title: My Life with My Father
Author: Love Kitty Cat (Donna)
Disclaimer: I do not own Nathan or Dan Scott or any other character; they belong to One Tree Hill.
Rating: PG to PG-13
Notes: This is a look at what Nathan's plight when he joins the Varsity Basketball team. 

"I can't believe that I am on the Varsity Basketball team. This is a dream come true and a nightmare all at the same time." A young Nathan Scott was thinking to himself. He loved playing basketball, but he hated how his father would ride him to be the best. Nathan wanted to enjoy playing, but this was ridiculous. His father would wake him up at 5 to practice until he had to go to school and when he came home, his father would tell him that he would never be as good as him, so that made Nathan push himself more until one day, he hurt himself doing what his father wanted him to do and not what he wanted to do. His father was one of the best basketball players for the Tree Hill Ravens and he made sure that Nathan knew it every minute of the day.

"Son, you will never beat my scoring record, not with you being so skinny and having very little muscles. You have to work out. I just got you a weight set complete with a bench. I will help you at the beginning, but you will have to do the rest on your own. I was taught the same way."

Nathan hated this, his dad trying to myself be the best parent ever, and he was far, far from that. Nathan worked out and soon was getting more muscles and it was helping him score more points along with the girls. Nathan was a good looking guy with his brown hair and big blue eyes. Girls noticed the change in him and they wanted to be with him. He was thinking that this was a good thing. He started to go to parties and be the "big" man on campus. He was learning that if he wanted something that it was his right, not the other way around. Even with drinking alcohol, he was the king or so he thought.

One night, his dad found him and yelled at him, "Nathan Scott, you will learn to be more in control. You don't want to screw up your chance to go to Duke."

"Don't worry about me going to Duke, I will go and I will be the best player to ever come out of Tree Hill, even better than you."

"Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, stop drinking, you have obviously lost a few brain cells. I am the best, you will be grateful to come in second."

"Screw you, Dad. I will be the best; you will be whatever you think that you are."

"Nathan, don't make me knock you into next week."

"Go on, I dare you to. I would lock your ass up for years."

"You know what? You're not worth it. You are supposed to be the best at this. Go to sleep. Night, son."

"Night, Dad."

With that, Nathan went up to his room and cursed the day that he ever let his father take over his life. He fell asleep with tears wanting to be free of the great Dan Scott.

The End